A Guide to Design Your Brand Logo with Free Logo Makers A Guide to Design Your Brand Logo with Free Logo Makers
News    12/16/2021

A Guide to Design Your Brand Logo with Free Logo Makers

If you are going to design a professional brand logo for your business, read this simple guide to designing brand logos with free logo makers.

This article is a simple guide to designing brand logos with free logo makers. If you are going to design a professional brand logo for your business, just read it, and you can get helpful tips to make your design work easy.

Why Should We Design a Good Brand Logos?

Why should we design good brand logos? Brand logos are brand identifications, and they represent what products, services, and businesses our brands provide to society. Well-designed brand logos help companies and organizations be recognized by the public well and make them stand out from marketing competitions. To companies, tiny new startups, facing people with a fantastic and friendly brand logo can help them attract and increase customers.

Things to Consider When Designing Your Brand Logos

A brand logo can be a pattern only, one or two text words, simple shapes, and a combination of them all. When you need to design your brand logo, you should first consider some essential things:

1. The layout of your logo

You need to think about the layout of your logo. As mentioned above, you should have a rough idea about whether to make the logo just a pure pattern, one or two simple words, or a combination of them. And, you need to think about how to place each component in the logo. A good layout makes the logo look like a whole nature and makes each part conspicuous. While glancing at your logo, your audience can be deeply impressed by your logo.

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2. Present company name or not

You need to think about presenting your company’s full name in the logo or not. Some company names are short, so presenting them on the logo looks okay. However, some company names are long and complicated, creating a compact and uncomfortable visual effect of the logo. You can find many famous logos without brand name presences, whether names are short or long, for example, NIKE, VOLKSWAGEN, STARBUCKS, and MCDONALDS.

logo design

3. Suitable logo colors

You need to choose suitable colors for your logo. What feeling do you want your logo to convey? The orange color is often described as vibrant, so you may adopt orange as the dominant hue if you are a food supplier. The blue color often represents the sky and the sea and is often described as open spaces, freedom, and imagination. If you are an Internet startup, you may choose blue as your logo’s dominant hue. And, of course, you have to pick suitable colors for each component of your logo, and they should work together to make your logo a catchy and comfortable look.

Design Your Brand Logo with Free Logo Makers

There are many free logo makers online. They are usually small and simple logo designing and editing software. If you don’t want to go for paid design service from a logo design agency, you can take a try on any online free logo maker. Generally speaking, free logo makers can design any professional custom brand logos you want. DesignEvo Logo Maker, a free and easy-to-use logo custom creating tool, is one of them to help you have a fine and free brand logo design experience.

Like other free logo makers, DesignEvo Logo Maker is user-friendly and easy to use, and it can lead you to do the whole logo doing work within several minutes. One of the great features of this software is the excellent selection of in-built logo templates, from flower logos to bakery logos, from bicycle logos to truck logos, from art logos to legal logos, and from finance logos to lifestyle logos. No matter which industry your brand belongs to, you can find suitable logo templates accordingly.

Sign up for an account for DesignEvo Logo Maker and log in. Click “Make a Logo." Over 10,000 templates are present in front of your eyes, and you can browse or search to find the best one to be your brand logo template. Click “Customize” to get editing started. 

Select Templete and Customize Logo in Designevo

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Take a quick look at the left part of the interface. Icons, shapes, texts, and backgrounds can be used and changed freely to make the original template more beautiful and ideal. You are also free to drag and move the elements on the logo, both patterns and words. You can also change their sizes, colors, and positions as you want.

Logo Editing with Designevo

DesignEvo also enables you to see how the logo looks in advance. It can be previewed on a business card, T-shirt, wall, etc. Just click the ”Preview” button to see and check. If there is nothing to be revised, download your brand logo and use it practically. And yes, designing a brand logo with online free logo makers is as easy as this. I hope the guide makes sense to you if you happen to make your logo for now or in the future. 


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