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Driver Tonic - Update All PC Drivers in Just One Click Driver Tonic - Update All PC Drivers in Just One Click
News | 10/26/2018

Driver Tonic - Update All PC Drivers in Just One Click

When was the last time you checked your PC health? Do you know your PC requires a regular Check Up!!!

Driver Tonic is among the best free driver updater program. With Driver Tonic updating your system drivers becomes convenient.

In case you are working on something or just watching a movie and that you wish to update your system drivers while you do it. Driver Tonic is your go-to solution as it allows you to download and install the updates in the background while you are still working on the other things.


Is Driver Tonic Safe?

Don't worry, you will surely get your answer by the end of this article.

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Not just that with Driver Tonic you can also schedule the updates to be installed automatically while you are away from the system.

Additionally, before installing an update, you get an option wherein you can compare the newly released driver update with the driver version you are currently using.

Driver Tonic is not just about updating the drivers it has a smart feature that creates a restore point every time before updating the drivers as a protective mechanism that allows you to restore your system settings to the current situation in case anything unexpected happens.

Driver Tonic is compatible with all the versions of a Windows-based operating system.

We would also like to add that it has the best in class features with few extras like Web Protection, Registry cleaner and many more.

What does Driver Updater do?

The trouble: After a while when our systems start growing old, and we start facing compatibility issues, frequent system shutdowns, also some devices might not work as expected like the scanner, printer or an external hard driver. In such case we would probably think is that the system is about to die, and as we are running out of options all we do is get a new computer.

But, as we know computers are machines, and they too need routine maintenance for proper functioning, and so are the drivers. Drivers are something which helps your system perform smoothly, and when your driver run out of time or are outdated, they might start causing trouble, i.e., compatibility issues, system shutdowns, degraded performance, etc.

The solution: Driver Updater is something that will check your computer for outdated drivers or missing drivers, analyze them and give you report on the same, and allows you to update them to the latest recommended version instantly.

When Should You Update Your Drivers?

If you are facing troubles with your device, you must upgrade the drivers. In case you are looking for a way to speed up your pc, installing the latest updates of the system drivers could be a great help.

There is a prominent exclusion to this rule, of course. If you desire to eke out every single bit of performance through your system, you need to be sure that your video card drivers are updated with the best suitable version, and you should probably upgrade your networking, chipset, and sound card drivers also. Moving from the built-in Windows drivers for your video card to the official NVidia or ATI/AMD drivers will make a lot of difference, and staying updated on them can provide enormous performance gains.

Necessarily, for the gamers and designer who have just switched to a Nvidia or AMD/ATI graphics card are most likely running the built-in Windows drivers, this is when you need to update your drivers for proper functioning.

Will a driver updater help my system perform better?

Driver Updater or Driver Tonic is the best solution recommended by experts to keep your hardware and devices working smoothly. Although every issue might not be due to outdated drivers, it could be due to corrupted registries or insecure web browsing.

Driver Tonic has it all fixed for you. You get a free registry cleaner which analyzes the invalid or corrupted registries and provides a fix for them instantly. And the web protection feature ensures safe browsing.

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Driver Tonic is an expert-recommended and easy-to-use tool for PC optimization and maintenance. It ensures uninterruptedly fast and stable PC performance.

Why Driver Updater?

  • Saves you time
  • Driver Tonic installs all the available driver’s updates in bulk that save you the time and effort t you would not want to put in searching and downloading every update manually.
  • Guarantees compatibility
  • Driver Tonic automatically looks for the best available version that supports your system and downloads them and installs them instantly.
  • Backs up for safety
  • The best part that we loved about Driver Tonic is the way it creates a backup every time before installing an update as a precaution. This allows us to restore the current settings anytime in future. 
  • Industry-acknowledged quality
  • Driver Tonic has been exclusively proven safe and effective in various tests, it is used by many PC manufacturers use it, and the experts recommend it.




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