6 Best Online Plagiarism Checking Software That You Must Use 6 Best Online Plagiarism Checking Software That You Must Use
News    04/15/2019

6 Best Online Plagiarism Checking Software That You Must Use

There are many online plagiarism checking software available which you can use to check if the content is duplicate or not. This article gives you a list of best 6 online plagiarism checking tools.

Plagiarism is not acceptable at all in the digital writing field. It indicates the lack of content’s originality. Nowadays, you will often find people copying and rewriting other’s articles instead of putting in their own thoughts. This is the biggest flaw in the career of a writer. Not only they suffer poor SEO ranking with duplicate content, but also they ruin their reputation.

Plagiarism is a serious concern which is hard to spot in naked eyes. Hence to help you out, plenty online plagiarism checking tools are now available. These are like online grammar checking tools.

Just like plagiarism checking software can help you in notifying about duplicate content, there are many tips and tricks which you should know in order to keep your computer more secure. So always know how to Enable a Firewall in your PC.

What is a Plagiarism checker?

A plagiarism checker analyses your content and compares several sources in Google to detect duplicacy. On detecting Duplicacy, the online checking tools mark the lines, paragraphs and even display the sources for the convenience of users.

Here Are 6 Best Plagiarism Checking tools for the writing professionals and students:

  • Grammarly

It is the best online grammar and plagiarism checker for all kinds of contents. Grammarly scans your content by comparing it with 16 billion pages from their database to trace duplicacy. It is an excellent proofreading tool to instantly correct your grammatical mistakes, spellings, punctuations, sentence enhancement, vocabulary and detect plagiarism. Grammarly premium free version of 7 days is excellent to have the demo of its advanced features. You can be 100 percent sure of content’s originality after checking with Grammarly. While the students and amateur writers can go with the free version, the premium version is recommended for the full time writing professionals.

  • Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker

It is an excellent paid online plagiarism checker. You need to go for a subscription to enjoy its features. It is excellent for checking research papers, blog posts, professional documents, business documents and all kinds of writing posts.  WhiteSmoke scans your content and compares it with billions of websites to find the duplicate traces. It also corrects your grammatical mistakes, spelling, and Punctuations. You can easily integrate Whitesmoke with Chrome, FireFox, Explorer, Safari and enjoy a flawless performance with 100% accuracy.

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  • Duplichecker

It is a 100% free plagiarism checking tool for the students and professionals. You need to register to this site to enjoy 50+ plagiarism checking. For the non-registered users the site limits to only 1 plagiarism check per day. The tool is very handy to use. It corrects all kinds of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuations, text analysis, and provides complete plagiarism report with the identified duplicate sources. It is a great choice for the freelancer doing bulk content writing works.

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  • ProWritingAid

It is currently one of the best Plagiarism Checker. Be sure to have a 100% accurate plagiarism report with this site due to its in-depth analysis. It is pretty similar to Whitesmoke and helps you with writing styles, grammars, spellings, punctuations, vocabulary, and plagiarism. It is undoubtedly a great choice for professional writers to improve their content quality. It has different subscription plans for plagiarism checking and premium plans for 1, 2, 3 years and a lifetime as well. You can choose one as per your conveniences. It is a bit expensive but detects minor to minor plagiarism which other sites often fail to detect. It is a perfect choice for high-end professional writers.  

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  • Online Plagiarism Checker

This one is perfect for academic writers, teachers, and students. the free version is for quick plagiarism detection while the premium version is for detailed analysis. The site quickly scans its expansive collection of databases to detect any duplicate content. The advanced algorithm of the site quickly identifies the duplicate sources and marks the text or paragraph that is plagiarized. It also identifies sentences that are re-written from our sources, replaced with synonyms and written in a different voice to hide duplicacy. It helps you learn how to write a perfect unique original content. You can also go for the premium subscriptions to have the benefits of in-depth plagiarism analysis.  

  • CopyLeaks

It is an amazing online plagiarism checker for both professionals as well as students. It offers a free trial version to give you a demo for 2 concurrent scans. The site uses AI-powered technology to scan end to end textural content and gives you a detailed report of the content originality. Along with identifying the duplicate sources, it also identifies rearranged sentences, words and paraphrased content. However, the detailed report is not available in the free feature. You need to upgrade to the premium plans. There are separate plans for Education and Business. CopyLeaks is also available as a mobile application in the Google Play store and App store. It also comes with MS Office and Google Docs add-on.

Final Words

The above-mentioned 6 tools are currently the best online plagiarism checkers. Whenever you write any content, you can check its originality with any of these tools.

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