What to watch on Netflix? What to watch on Netflix?
News    12/08/2021

What to watch on Netflix?

What to watch on Netflix? Check Comedy, Thriller, Animated, Award-Winning Netflix Originals, etc that are explained in this article.

Netflix provides a lot of options in TV shows and movies. But if you are confused with so many options, you are reading the right article. We searched all the categories like Comedy, Thriller, Animated, Award-Winning Netflix Originals, etc to recommend the best movies and tv shows. The next section lists all our favorites that you will love to watch.

Best 5 TV Shows On Netflix 2021

Let’s now take a look at the top 5 tv shows on Netflix along with their brief description to know what everyone is watching.

1. Cocomelon

A TV show which helps you to learn numbers, animal sounds, letters, and nursery rhymes with the help of music series. Cocomelon is a family-oriented show where adults, kids, and babies become part of the video.

2. Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset is one of the leading series which is based on seven females who are the most successful real estate brokers of the city.  To compete with LA cutthroat market and each other, they work hard and play well.  Here, these ladies will do whatever it takes to remain on top, and will all manage their personal lives. In this new season, these ladies will face shocking new romances, eye-opening villas, and explosive truth which will make a drastic change in their lives, careers, and relationships.

3. The Queen of Flow

This story portrays a girl who was a talented songwriter and went to Jail for seventeen years. She demanded legal action against the men who killed her family and brought downfall in her professional life.

4. True Story

In this series, Kevin Hart plays Kid who becomes the most famous comedian in Philadelphia. He came to his hometown to be a part of the show. While playing Wesley Snipes in Philly, Kid has sorted his issues with Carlton. They went out for a night out that turn out to be a life-threatening disaster. Watch the show to know how they protected themselves.

5. Lost in Space

If you like survival dramas, then Lost In Space is the show for you. In its third season, it will be very difficult for Robinson's family to survive. As they are trapped on a mysterious planet for a year,  Wil, Penny, Judy, and the Robot need to save the lives of 97 colonists. However, they won’t be able to do so without revealing their secrets which will change their lives forever. The Robinsons have to go through the emotional challenge of losing their near ones.

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5 Best Movies On Netflix Right Now

 The top 5 movies on Netflix are listed below with their snapshot to give you an idea about them.

1. Father Christmas Is Back

If the thought of celebrations and festivals seems exciting, you can watch Father Christmas Is Back. The story of this movie is about a family of sisters who were in shock when they saw their lost father at the Christmas celebration.

2. 21 Jump Street

In this movie, Jonah Hill is Morton Schmidt and  Channing Tatum is Greg Jenko. They studied in the same high school but belonged to different groups and came together in the police academy as Cadets. After facing humiliation, they worked as undercover officers to get the source of illegal synthetic drugs. Accidently, Morton and Greg's identity was interchanged. Watch the movie to know what twists and turns come in their lives after identity exchange.

3. Passing

If you are concerned about social causes like color discrimination, you can watch Passing. This movie revolves around two black women who need to be white to live on the opposite side of the color line in 1929 New York.

4. The Harder They Fall

Revenge stories are thrilling to watch. If you also feel the same, then go for The harder They Fall. Its story revolves around Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) who attacks his recently released from prison enemy Rufus Buck ( Idris Elba). Tune to Netflix and play the movie to find out Nat Love succeeds in his revenge or not.

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5. Love Hard

In this movie, an LA girl, who was never lucky in love developed feelings for the East Coast guy on a dating app. She decided to meet him on holiday to check whether she is being catfished or not. All this romantic comedy makes you feel that you are in the reel of love.


Hopefully, you have got an interesting movie and tv show to watch. In case you are still confused then you can view our top favorites Passing and Sunset. If you find better movies or Tv shows, please notify us. For more posts like this, stay tuned to our blog.


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