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ExpensiveWall Malware - Another Virus Infecting Google Play Store ExpensiveWall Malware - Another Virus Infecting Google Play Store
Android | 10/12/2017

ExpensiveWall Malware - Another Virus Infecting Google Play Store

It appears to be more ironic that the Google Play Store has been furtively attacked by considerably more malware after it has advanced its Google Play Protect security stage for Android.

What is Expensivewall Malware?

ExpensiveWall is another variation of malware discovered not long ago on Google Play store. The whole malware family has now been downloaded between 6 million and 21.1 million times," identified by Check Point specialists Elena Root, Andrey Polkovnichenko and Bohdan Melnykov. ExpensiveWall Malware contaminated more than 50 applications, which together were downloaded between 1 million and 4.2 million times, as per information straight from Google Play.

This most recent strain separates itself from a past adaptations of the malware due to the utilization of the advanced jumping strategy called "packed", which packs malicious programs and encodes them in order to avoid detection.

Gloating of advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence, Play Protect guarantees to ensure Android users from all this malware. Too bad, it appears that another malware, named ExpensiveWall, has infected the Play Store's security and this slip is costing users significantly something beyond genuine feelings of serenity but cash also.

Another month, another pack of Android malware that is discovered its direction onto Google Play. That is declared by researcher team of Check Point, who guaranteed to have discovered the second-greatest flare-up to ever hit Google's play store, with as many as 21.1 million virus from one malware family. 

How Expensivewall Malware spreads?

 The specialists warned it as they sent fake premium SMS messages without their knowledge and charged for fake services. ExpensiveWall malware was bundled with the Android Wallpaper app called Lovely Wallpaper. This malware gets hide in the wallpaper app and make the user suffer.

Why Expensivewall Malware is dangerous?

ExpensiveWall was dubbed as the “ultimate spying tool” and it is capable of stealing sensitive data, record audio and even gallery pictures. It also track your IP address and location of the victims using the infected device.

ExpensiveWall doesn't simply appropriate people’s cash, it also tracks information about the infected gadget, including area and IP address. It could also drive users to click on online ads, another cash making plan, as the programmers were toward the finish of the pay-per-click promotion chain.

While ExpensiveWall is specially designed just to make benefit from its victims. A simlilar malware could be effectively altered to utilize a similar infrastructure with a specific end goal to capture pictures, record audio, and even takes your personal information and send the information to a charge and control (C&C) server. Since the malware is equipped for working quietly, the majority of this illegal action happens without the victims concern, transforming it into an ultimate spying tool.

Is android safe anymore?

Android malware keeps on advancing with more refined and never-seen capacities with each passing day, and spotting them on Google Play Store has become a common thing.
A month ago, more than 500 Android applications with spyware abilities were found on Play Store, which had been downloaded more than 100 million times.
In July, Lipizzan spyware applications were spotted on Play Store that can steal a mess of data of users, including instant messages, messages, voice calls, photographs, area information, and different records, and keep an eye on them.
In June, more than 800 Xavier-loaded applications were found on Google Play that had been downloaded in a huge number, and that month researchers discovered first code infusing rooting malware influencing rounds on Google Play store.
A month preceding it, analyst’s spotted 41 applications on Play Store covered up with the Judy Malware that contaminated 36.5 million Android gadgets with malignant advertisements click software.

In April, more than 40 applications with hidden FalseGuide malware were spotted on Play Store that made 2 Million Android victims suffer.

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