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Remove Server Cryptomix Ransomware New Variant of Cryptomix Remove Server Cryptomix Ransomware New Variant of Cryptomix
Ransomware | 01/11/2018

Remove Server Cryptomix Ransomware New Variant of Cryptomix

The Cryptomix Ransomware belongs to the Malware family and is a nasty system threat that has continued to spread through internet ever since it was discovered.

What is Server Cryptomix Ransomware Variant?

Cryptomix Ransomware is not a new system infection and cybercriminals are continuously adding various improvements across the time however, data encryption for ransom remains the main motive.

 The latest variant of Cryptomix Ransomware has been discovered and is known as Server Cryptomix Ransomware, that is appending the.SERVER extension to encrypt files. 

What is Cryptomix Ransomware?

Cryptomix Ransomware is a disturbing system threat and is normally referred as a file-encrypting Ransomware. Unfortunately, the main purpose of Cryptomix Ransomware is to encrypt files on the compromised system and then ask for ransom from the victim in exchange for files decryption.

 It comes bundled with third-party infected websites, spam emails, P2P networks adult and torrent sites, free flash players, contaminated advertisements and pop-up banners and a single click on these links will allow them to enter your computer system. Upon successful installation, their first course of action is to alter all pre-installed antivirus and firewall software to avoid detection.

It uses an encryption algorithm to encrypt files which modify and renames affected files by adding its own extension making files inaccessible for the victim. Cryptomix virus places a ransom note on victims computer screen with a warning message including decryption method and payment details. Normally payment is asked through virtual platforms like Bitcoin to hide cyber crooks identity. 

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What is Server Cryptomix Ransomware Variant? 

Server Cryptomix Ransomware Variant is the newest addition to the world of Malware and appends the .SERVER extension to encrypted files. 

Like other Ransomware programs, the encryption methods of Server Ransomware remains same and the ransom note is still named _HELP_INSTRUCTION.TX. However there have been some slight changes and Server Cryptomix uses new email contacts like

theserverup@keemail.me, serverup@protonmail.com, serverup1@yandex.com, serverup3@yandex.com, or ann.c@iname.com as contact points for payment information. 

Nasty and Malicious effects of Server Cryptomix Ransomware

 Server Cryptomix is a very cunning and disturbing computer threat which is capable of performing a wide range of harmful and malicious activities. To give you a rough idea, here is how this malware affects your system. 

1.         It gathers confidential data, modifies file extension and encrypts it making it inaccessible.

2.         Drastic reduction in system performance with slow speed and frequent shutdowns.

3.         It opens the way for distribution of other forms of infections including Spyware, worms, Ransomware etc.

4.         Once installed, this destructive virus can block your antivirus and firewall programs to make itself safe for a long time in the system.

5.         Excessive usage of RAM and increased system load.

 Paying Ransom, Perfect solution or not? 

Server Cryptomix Ransomware is a malicious malware which will damage your system without hesitation and aggressively demand Ransom. Keeping in the mind the importance attached to encrypted data, a few organizations are not in the capacity to get away without the information and paying ransom looks the only option available to them.

However, paying ransom is not the solution and does not ensure that your infected files will ever be decrypted as Ransomware decryption was never the motive of cyber crooks and they are only interested in taking your money. System backup on external storage devices is one thing that could have saved you from a lot of issues.

 Protection from Ransomware. 

Server Cryptomix Ransomware is a malicious and lethal malware and removing it completely is important for safe and enhanced system performance.

Ransomware is more than a mere nuisance, protection from it is highly essential and requires the user to be vigilant and practice utmost caution before clicking on misleading links and email attachments. Another defense method is to maintain a consistent backup of all the important data and files on external storage devices. 

Unfortunately, new types of Ransomware are highly advanced and it is almost impossible to recover the lost data and important information once your system is attacked by Ransomware. Paying ransom may look like options but there is no point in paying the ransom because chances are, it won’t help you to recover your files.In order to protect your PC from Ransomware attack, we advise you to use an efficient antivirus module. Keep files and confidential data safe from Ransomware attack, optimize system performance and enjoy secure system working by downloading the best antivirus tool, FreeMalwareRemovalTool . 

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Tips to prevent Server Cryptomix Ransomware Variant from entering your computer :

1. Enable your popup blocker: Pop-ups and ads in the websites are the most adoptable tactic used by cybercriminals or developers with the core intention to spread malicious programs. So, avoid clicking uncertain sites, software offers, pop-ups etc.

2. Keep your Windows Updated: To avoid such infections, we recommend that you should always keep your system updated through automatic windows update. By doing this you can keep your device free from virus. According to the survey, outdated/older versions of Windows operating system are an easy target.

3. Third-party installation: Try to avoid freeware download websites as they usually install bundled of software with any installer or stub file.

4. Regular Backup: Regular and periodical backup helps you to keep your data safe in case the system is infected by any kind of virus or any other infection. Thus always backup important files regularly on a cloud drive or an external hard drive.

5. Always have an Anti-Virus: Precaution is better than cure. We recommend that you install an antivirus like  McAfee or a good Malware Removal Tool like Download Free Virus Removal Tool

6. Install a powerful ad- blocker for  ChromeMozilla,and   IE.

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