10 Reasons Why Your Instagram Profile Verification is Denied 10 Reasons Why Your Instagram Profile Verification is Denied
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10 Reasons Why Your Instagram Profile Verification is Denied

A verified instagram account has many benefits but is your application getting rejected? Checkout the 10 reasons why your instagram profile verification is denied

It seems to be a perpetual problem when it comes to verification on the social media platforms whether it is Facebook or Twitter, YouTube and more importantly in Instagram.

  • This is because in the Facebook platform it has been grandfathered long before the restrictions were tautened as where accounts should be verified and which particular accounts should be verified and which to be left out.
  • It is even worse when it comes to Twitter where the platform itself considers this verification of accounts as a part of their endorsement programs. This makes the entire process very questionable. This is because the platform leaves out the accounts of public figures and journalists from being verified and favors the self-proclaimed white supremacists and the outright fascists.
  • When you consider Instagram, it was on the same track as Facebook problem but fortunately it proved to be more reasonable and trustworthy as it opened up verification of accounts to everyone since August 2018.

When it comes to Instagram verification the verified badge indicates noteworthiness and authenticity of an account. Instagram defines a verified badge as a confirmation of the authenticity of the account and its presence for a public figure, global business brand or a celebrity that it represents.

If you are wondering how to get verified all you need is to fulfill the minimum requirements of Instagram.

To apply for instagram verification you will need to:

  • Log in to your account
  • Tap the three stacked lines or the ‘burger button’
  • Click on settings
  • Tap request verification button
  • Provide full details on the request verification form and
  • Attach a valid ID before submitting.

Instagram will take time to review your account and determine whether or not it should be verified. Whether it is approved or denied, you will get a notification in the app itself along with the results of verification.

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In case of denial

If in case your account verification request is denied by Instagram, first you must know the reasons for such denial. Remember, if your application is denied, you can once again send a request for verification after 30 days. However, there are lots of reasons for Instagram to deny your account verification request.

  • Primarily, most of the accounts get denied due to the type of content posted in it. If these are generic and have nothing of much value then it can be denied by Instagram. However, when you write content make sure that you focus on the behavior, internalize them, but never try to push them.
  • Instagram will also deny verifying your account if there is a fictional character, false representation of facts or a fake business or a fake person is represented. Therefore, make sure that everything is real and authentic this time.
  • If you send in too many accounts for verification, Instagram will deny verifying any of those as well. Ideally, Instagram verifies only one profile of a business account provided there are no differences in the language versions targeted for different people at different locations.
  • When you apply once again make sure that you set it to public from private. Providing safety to the public is the prime intent of Instagram and therefore even if you get a blue check mark in your public account and turn it to private later on, you may lose the blue badge.
  • Any incomplete account will also result in denial. If the space for profile photo is blank, the bio is not complete or even the photos are without any captions, Instagram will consider your account as incomplete and not verify you.
  • Make sure that your account does not promote any social media services especially those that are not approved by Instagram Therefore, there is nothing simple or complex in it such as ‘follow me’ in your profile bio or any special links that will encourage a site to buy instagram followers.
  • There is also a high chance that your account will be denied for verification if it represents anyone who is well-known or noteworthy. Therefore, make sure that whenever you apply you meet the terms of service and community guidelines properly.
  • Any misuse of hashtags or any influence or indication of spamming people will also result in a denial by Instagram for verification as much as posting content that kilts the line will.
  • Also make sure that your account is an official one for quick verification on Instagram. If you operate any unofficial fan account for any movie or celebrity you will not be verified even if your account is an official one for your website. This is because your website itself is not an authorized representative of the specific celebrity or entity. Instgarm never encourages any third party verification no matter how tenuous the involvement is.
  • Any account that is not using the platform actively will also not be considered for verification. A verification badge is not an incentive to start using Instagram but just an authentication of its genuineness. If there is no faith there will be no verification but there is no guarantee on the otherwise however.

Your accounts should not promote any business that Instagram does not like or else it will be denied from being verified. Make sure that you know the multiple niches of this photo sharing app which you will find in the terms of service. Make sure that you do not promote a competitor, any suspicious services, sham health brands or MLM schemes and any government regulated item.

Route to take

You can take the backdoor methodjust as few forum users do with success. This is a route that may be effective for those accounts that were about to be verified but got denied at the last moment. Take this method if you think the shot is worth it and you are not trying out any major subterfuge.

Set up a proxy server or a VPN for a device that is not your main mobile device and set up a copy of the profile of your brand. However, make it look realistic and run this profile for a while before using it for verification. Success may come but at your own risk.


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