WhyCry Ransomware Removal Tool And Steps


What is WhyCry ransomware ? WhyCry ransomware is another infection that seems like it originated from WannaCry ransomware family. It is an inadequately modified infection that scrambles documents or encrypt files and stamps/mark them with .Whycry file extensions.   WhyCry Ransomware Download WhyCry Ransomware Virus Removal Tool     The ransomware…

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Movie-hub.info Virus Removal Tool And Steps – Browser Hijacker


What Is Movie-hub.info aka Movie Quest ? The tool that we need to discuss is called Movie-hub.info aka Movie Quest. It is an adware/ spyware which is further categorized as a browser extension. It changes the home page, adds a new tab and changes the default search engine to Movie-hub.info(http://www.movie-hub.info/yhs/search?p=). Movie-hub.info Download Movie-hub.info…

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Motitags Toolbar Virus Removal Tool And Guide – Browser Hijacker

motitags virus

What is Motitags Toolbar ? Motitags Toolbar is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It changes your browsers settings to cause redirects to obscure/untrusted websites, irritating pop-up warnings. All this is done to procure some cash. Motitags Download Motitags Toolbar Virus Removal Tool Download Motitags Toolbar Virus Removal Tool The Motitags…

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