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Best 5 Ways to Secure Twitter Account From Hackers Best 5 Ways to Secure Twitter Account From Hackers
News | 08/08/2018

Best 5 Ways to Secure Twitter Account From Hackers

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How to secure your Twitter account

Account security is essential— this statement holds relevance not only for bank account and online shopping but is true for Social Accounts as well.

The harm somebody could do to your professional and private life can be pulverizing.

Similar to all another essential record, you need to take all possible actions to ensure that only you have access to all your Social accounts like Twitter and Facebook.


Recent Update: Twitter in its latest post has reported that they have stored everyone's passwords in understandable content on their servers and we're likely going to discover that some person has a document with everyone's secret key sooner or later.

So… users are advised to change their passwords and also, empower two-factor

authentication, which keeps anyone from signing in as you, regardless of whether they take your login credentials, or Twitter begins printing off our passwords and mailing them to arbitrary individuals.

A number of unwanted situations can arise if users don’t legitimately anchor and secure their social records.

In this article, we will discuss how to ensure this doesn't occur to your Twitter account.

While you can do the more significant part of the stuff, we will discuss in this post from the Twitter application, and we'll be covering a substantial portion of this stuff from the web.

To begin with, there are a couple of territories in focus around your Twitter account settings. To start with is your first line of protection: your password.

Choose a Strong Password

Strong password

I know you must have heard about it a number of times.

Using a strong and complex password is not a choice.

Keeping it too simply make it easy for anybody to figure out.

A simple password requires someone to learn about just a few things like—most loved hues, pet names, kids' names or birthday events, and so on. — To figure out your secret word, at that point it's a no go.

I get it; those are the most effortless to recollect... But on the other hand, they're the most unreliable and easy to guess.

Apparently, the more secure and sophisticated is your password key, the harder it is to recall.

Here are some password tips from Twitter to create a complex password that is hard to crack:

  • Any password that you set should at least be 10 characters long.
  • It should be a complicated mix of numerals, symbols & lower case & upper case letters.
  • Make it a habit of using a different password for different website & email accounts.
  • Always store your password in a secure place.
  • You may also use a password management software to keep passwords safe.

Once you have finalized a secure password, it's an ideal opportunity to change that terrible Twitter password of yours.

The password can be changed from Twitter's Account Settings page, by tapping on the Password option.

To start with, enter your existing password in the window displayed, followed by setting your new password, re-enter it to confirm and click on “Save Changes” tab. 

Great job, you're presently one bit closer to having a sheltered record.

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Use SMS Two-Factor Authentication

Use SMS Two-Factor Authentication

Your second line of security for your Twitter account is two-step verification, which is frequently addressed as the Two-Factor Authentication (or 2FA for short).

Twitter has simplified it even more by simply calling the component "Login check."

Necessarily, this implies that every time you or someone else endeavors to sign in to your Twitter account, it will require a one-time code that is sent to your telephone number registered with Twitter.

Each time you enter your login id and password, a unique Pin will be sent to the registered mobile number and will be required for a successful login.

You may follow the below cited steps to set up a login verification.

  • To begin with, Choose Twitter preferences to reach the Accounts section.
  • In the displayed window, choose the “Security” option and look out for the “Set up login verification” tab.
  • From the new window, set up the features as per your preference and requirement.
  • Click on “Start” button and enter your password followed by the Verify button.
  • In the new page, you will be asked to confirm your registered mobile number.
  • Click on the “Send Code” button and input it into the screen followed to confirm it.

Watch out for Phishing


Cybercriminals and hackers will endeavor to get to your private data utilizing tweets, messages, and direct messages on Twitter - training known as "phishing."

As a practice, they may scare you by saying that your Twitter record's been hacked and forces you to change your password promptly.

They may guarantee and attract you by stating that you've won a challenge and all you have to do to assert your prize is a sign in to your Twitter account.

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Try not to fall for these traps!

All these are signs that somebody is endeavoring to hack your record.

I once got an email from somebody guaranteeing he worked for Twitter and expected to check my record. He requested my secret key. I didn't fall for the plot!

What's more, this tweet arrived in a couple of days prior. I'm sure they would have requested my secret key sooner or later.

Be watchful of third-party apps and Websites.

Do you intend to utilize your Twitter record to enlist and register for the third party supported sites or applications?

Be watchful!

By doing this, you may unknowingly give the applications restricted access to your Twitter account.

So beware!... also, if you encounter anything crude and fishy, promptly expel the application from your record.

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Secure Your Phone

A standout amongst all security related approaches to keep all your web-based life accounts safe is just bolting your cell phone with a secret word.

That way no one can get to your records if your phone gets lost or stolen.


Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are loaded with many crucial and vital information.

Securing them should be your top most priority and users are recommended to take all feasible steps in their ability to ensure the safety and security of their Social accounts.

The above post highlighted some of the most common methods which may help you to keep Twitter account safe and is just the brick and mortar for your online security.

Additionally, users are recommended to carry a certain amount of alertness and watchfulness while performing online activities.

How To Secure Your Twitter Account

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