How to Protect Your Data on Cloud How to Protect Your Data on Cloud
How To    09/22/2021

How to Protect Your Data on Cloud

Cloud has several advantages but keep your data secured on cloud is very risky. Read here for how to secure your cloud data.

The use of cloud storage media is something that can no longer be avoided in this day and age. Cloud storage media offers easy access to documents from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

Cloud is increasingly popular because it offers extensive, practical data storage, and also many are free. Several services that provide cloud services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, are currently being used by many people who have quite a lot of digital data without getting extra devices such as external hard drives or other memory storage devices.

In this context, Cloud is used as an ample and free storage locker. However, what needs to be watched out for is the safety hazard that this can pose. Although several providers guarantee the privacy of the data stored, however, the data is not under our control. No one can guarantee data security from data damage and loss, primarily if you use a free service.

What's The Need to Use Cloud Services

Cloud has several advantages such as data security, privacy, easy data management and retrieval, real-time sync, easy cloud backup, collaboration tools, and so on. However, one of the things that need extra attention for cloud users is data security. Using the Cloud means that the data will be stored on a server located at the data center belonging to the cloud service provider. The thing to note is, make sure you choose a trusted cloud service provider.

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You may also be able to request information where the cloud provider's data center is located. So at least, you know where your data is stored. However, suppose you already believe in the quality, guarantee, and capabilities of the cloud provider. In that case, the data center's location should not be a problem, but how the provider presents the services, managed services, and data security commitments matter the most.

One of the crucial facts is that you entrust data security to the cloud service provider when using cloud services. Meanwhile, as is known, this data and information are very confidential and crucial. All data and information in the cloud system must be maintained as well as possible.

How to Keep Your Data Secured on Cloud

Service providers need to support data security to provide a good and standardized cloud security system to avoid hacking by irresponsible cybercriminals and other risks such as data lost, damaged, and so on.

From the side of cloud users themselves, a good collaboration is also needed. If the cloud provider already has and implements various levels of data security, but the data owner is less aware, then the risk of data loss and damage can still occur. Things that cloud users can do to minimize this risk include the following:

Make the Best Password Combinations

Password is the gateway to your data. The longer and unique your password, the harder it will be for others to guess. Use a password that is not easy to guess.

Don't use passwords that are very clear about you, such as birthdays, pets, favorite books and foods, and so on. Choose a password combination that is not related to you and combine it with a combination of numbers, uppercase letters, punctuation marks, and so on. The more the password refers to your life, the easier it is for hackers to find it.

Never Use the Same Password

Hackers can recycle the passwords you use. That is why you should not use the password you have used before for the same account and other accounts. Choose a password with new words that only you know and are easy to remember.

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Always Log Out of Applications.

You are the only party who can access the data through your password. Ensure not to use the 'save password' feature in the browser if you are using a gadget used by many people/the public. Also, make sure to always log out of your accounts before leaving the device for someone else to use. You should also not record passwords in places that are easily visible/known to people.

Sometimes, there's a condition when users can't open an app, say YouTube, pretty suddenly despite the logout and login processes have been done correctly. The cause might not be a data breach but a much simpler thing. When YouTube or any other apps get blocked suddenly, users may easily bypass it with a VPN service. So, if you ever experienced or still having this problem, make sure to unblock YouTube with top VPNs in the world.

Backup Data Regularly

Backuping data on a regular basis is the best way to minimize data loss. With backup, users can mitigate the risk of losing data for a long time, even forever. It is enough to schedule regular backups; it can be daily, weekly, or monthly, depends on how much / big you generate data in one day. The larger the data generated in one day, the more frequent the routine backup schedule should be.

The backup will save the last updated data every day. By performing regular backups, you will still have a copy of your important data.


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