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How to Fix Error Code 1962 [NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND] How to Fix Error Code 1962 [NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND]
News | 09/10/2018

How to Fix Error Code 1962 [NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND]

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How to Fix Error Code 1962 “No Operating System Found”?(Related Question)

When I downloaded the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to my PC, the framework stalled out at boot with an error code 1962 saying that "No Operating System Found."

What is Error Code 1962

At times the computer runs well but often gets locked repeatedly and does not reboot.

I completed a hard reboot, and the framework luckily booted, however then the following day a similar blunder re-happened.

What can I do to resolve this issue?

Solved Answers

The most common problem with Windows 10 OS is the PC getting stuck while trying to reboot and persists regardless of the model.

However, there's one regular issue which is identified explicitly with Lenovo PCs– “the Error Code 1962”. It says "No Operating System Found" and such claims usually cause turmoil to each client of this brand.

Commonly, Error 1962No Operating System Found happens on Lenovo PCs when users try to boot Windows after system restart.

Till now, specialists haven't discovered the connection between the error code 1962 and the product downloaded before the issue happens.

A massive number of Lenovo clients are frequently posting reviews on Microsoft's official help page judging the free Windows 10 overhaul (prior), and it's element updates (Creators Update, Fall Creators Update) for causing the issue.

Such theories are relatively unreasonable. If the "No Operating System Found" mistake with a code 1962 appeared after the establishment of Windows 10 or its updates, it probably is just a coincident.

If you are almost sure that the update or establishment of programming caused the issue, you may consider running the Windows diagnostics at boot or perform a clean download.

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Scan your Windows (HARMFUL!!)

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STEP 3: Scan and Remove all malicious Programs.


In most of the cases, the problem exists due to a faulty HDD or a SATA cable which is connected to a properly working motherboard and HDD.

So, to check the root cause of error 1962, users are advised to check the reason for the malfunctioning of the 2 devices.

How to fix Error Code 1962: No Operating System found- A perfect guide

Performing a hard reboot of your system at times may fix the issue but does not provide a permanent solution. Users are advised to check the working of HDD and SATA cable to avoid Error 1962 from popping up in future.

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To detect which of the 2 is causing the problem, you may consider following the below 2 steps.

  • To check if the SATA cable is at fault: Consider connecting the HDD to a properly working pc, if the computer detects the HDD and start working, then the SATA cable is the reason behind Error 1962.
  • And if a properly working Computer cannot recognize the HDD, then you know the actual culprit that needs to be changed. In cases where both HDD and SATA cable are functioning correctly, then you may try the below-mentioned fixes.
Identify HDD and SATA Cable

Error 1962, No Operating System Found - Fix

  1. If you are facing the Error 1962, No Operating System Found, reboot your system by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete combination simultaneously.
  2. In order to access the Basic Input/output system (BIOS), press F12 key multiple times until you see the “Setup” box on your screen. Next press Enter.
  3. From the new window choose the “Startup” tab.
  4. After doing this, select “CSM” and then select the “Enabled” option.
  5. Now locate “Boot Priority” and press the Enter key.
  6. Then select the current option of Legacy First to “UEFI First.”
  7. In the end press, the F10 key and press Enter.

Once you have performed the entire procedure, your computer system will start working correctly and will reboot easily without displaying Error 1962 note.

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