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7 Utilities for Windows 10 to Make Your PC More Powerful 7 Utilities for Windows 10 to Make Your PC More Powerful
News | 08/03/2018

7 Utilities for Windows 10 to Make Your PC More Powerful

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New Utilities of Windows 10

Microsoft is continuously updating its OS as the demand is increasing for Windows 10. Even more with the introduction of Microsoft Edge, several little tools help your PC to work better. Microsoft has already released a few exciting updates for Windows 10. The two most important updates are Mixed Reality Flashlight and Redstone 5. Also known as Windows 10 Preview Build 17723.


Windows 10 is a best mass-market operating system which is easy to customize. The Redstone 5 update will give superior screenshots and clipboard records. Moreover, being a Microsoft user, you get the opportunities to make your OS more powerful.

As the Microsoft is increasing the features on Windows 10, it is pushing their users into Edge, Cortana, and Bing. Similarly, Windows 10 push home OS to default options for extensive use.

In other words, when you use Windows 10 at home, you are inclined to Edge and stick to it as it is a lighter weight browser. The customization in Windows 10 empowers the users to let OS work safely on their computers.

Additionally, with Windows 10 developer mode you can learn small codings as a part of customization. The Windows OS gives you a robust ecosystem that may advance Apple’s OS. Anyway, Windows 10 also have few annoyances and unpleasant things if you are a beginner on Windows 10. A user may complain about it, but it is complete with the new features.

The Windows 10 has Windows security to protect your system from malware and viruses. In a like manner, Free Malware Removal Tool is helpful for all the Microsoft users. Eventually, it is compatible to the new builds in Windows 10.

Later this year, Microsoft will update more features to make OS work at a faster rate. However, if Windows OS is not updated, then utility programs meet those needs. Anyhow, either your OS is updated, or you use new utility program, both will make your Windows PC more powerful.

Windows Utilities: Make Your PC Powerful

Windows utilities are those apps which do one thing at a time without affecting your PC’s speed. A cloud-based computing OS runs only web apps, but utilities help the installed apps to function correctly once at a time.


Utility programs are designed to analyze, configure, optimize and maintain a computer. Sometimes utilities are considered as unique but non-essential part of the system thought the existence of utilities is irrelevant without OS. In either way, you need utilities and OS to work hand in hand as a powerful system.

“A small program of utilities provides an addition to the capabilities of an operating system.”

Functions performed by Utilities

Considering utilities a small app, they play one role at a time. Few tasks are mentioned below.

  1. Watching a video with a versatile player
  2. Editing a sound with a multi-track sound recorder
  3. Checking your PC system; speed, battery, temperature, etc.
  4. Disc image burner
  5. Running multiple operating systems
  6. Correcting the networking and wifi issues
  7. Measuring the performance details of internet connection

Today, Windows 10 has some great utilities that function well with the updated version of new Windows 10. These utility apps are powerful enough as they don’t slow the speed of your processor. Below is a list of 5 new apps for Windows 10 in 2018.

Top 5 utility based apps of Windows 10

  1. Reddit is a free flawless Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to get everyday news and entertaining content.
  2. myTube works like Youtube, allows you to see videos. Also, the features of myTube are same as like YouTube. Therefore. In Windows 10 you will not get a Youtube app to enjoy the video content. Moreover, myTube gives you a free version that let you watch an hour of video every three hours.
  3. Adobe Photoshop Express is a powerful editing tool specially made to help bloggers. It is a powerful, lightweight editor that will maintain your edited image galleries.
  4. Microsoft To-Do is a simple interface that organizes everything in order. Make your lists and sort them as per date, name and competition. This utility app also suggests the task that you complete on a regular basis.
  5. Windows Central app is only for Windows fans as it gives you the latest news related to Windows 10.
  6. Spotify Music suggests you new trending songs and can play anything anytime. Spotify is free and downloadable from Microsoft Store. Moreover, to stream your music ad-free, get a premium subscription of $10 a month.
  7. Office 365 is a subscription-based tool that delivers all MS Office features but not free. Office 365 home plan starts from $10 per month and $100 a year.

How to add Microsoft apps?

Windows 10 allows you to log in with a valid Microsoft account that will work only on your computer based on IP address. However, you can keep a local account for your privacy reasons. But, with a local account, few Windows 10 feature and apps may not work.

There is a small 4 step process to download apps from Microsoft Store:

      1. Launch Microsoft Store from your start menu.
      2. Click on the user icon which is next to the search box.
      3. Click on sign-in from the menu and log into your Microsoft account.
      4. With the log-in, you can now install any app from Microsoft Store.

Types of Utilities

Apps of Microsoft Windows from the store are the application software that performs tasks to benefit any users. Basically, utilities work behind the apps to give a proper functioning to the downloaded compatible apps from Microsoft Store.

As a result, apps don’t work if utilities aren’t working in the background.

In every Windows-based computer, four types of basic utilities keep on working. The first and foremost function of any utility program is to make PC more powerful and potent without decreasing the speed of the processor. Let’s take a look at the four basic utilities:

  • System Utilities are pre-installed or downloaded in your system. They function as core software and manages your computer. Few system utilities programs are as follows:
    Antivirus Utilities; Clipboard Manager; Memory Testers; Package Managers; Registry Cleaners; Network Utilities; System Restore Programs; System Profilers; System Monitors.
  • File Management Utilities is a graphical interface in which user can organize files and folders on a computer's storage device such as:
    Backup Softwares; Disk Cleaners; File Managers; Data Compression Utilities; File Synchronisation Utilities; Cryptographic Utilities
  • Storage and Device Management Utilities provides support for initial setup and ongoing management process of Dataprobe Devices. Few such utilities are:
    Disk Checkers; Disk Compression and Disk Fragment Utilities; Disk Formatters; Disk Space Analyzers; Disk Partition editors.
  • Other utilities working for data generation, data modification, data validation and data merging are Data Generators; Hex Editors; HTML Checkers and Sort/Merge Programs respectively.

“The Utility software will technically reduce the difficulty in performing easy tasks, additionally fastening the processors' speed.”

As the Microsoft is encouraging its consumers to shift on Windows 10, we have a list of 7 Utilities to make Windows PC more powerful.

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7 Utilities To Make Windows PC More Powerful

  1. Eartrumpt is a utility system tray which separately provides volume levels for the different application. It is a free basic utility program which a user can install from Microsoft websites.
  2. Groupy allows you to open any application and convert it into a tab in any other app. The next version of Groupy is called Sets. The cost of installing Groupy in your computer is $9.99.
  3. ShareX works for the enhanced screenshot tool. This utility software is free as well as customizable and powerful. ShareX is free to install from Microsoft.
  4. Idem works effectively, for a clipboard. It is simply fast and synchronizes the cloud with other devices. Idem is also free to install.
  5. Wox is a search box that appears with a keystroke. Wox is free but is challenging to set up. It will allow us to set custom web searches on Google
  6. Sharpkeys is a free utility program by which you can reassign keys. Even more, with Sharpkeys user can directly write to the registry. For instance, the user can assign a different function to caps lock.
  7. QuickLookis a free but a smart utility program that allows you to preview files in file explorer quickly.

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Advantages of Utilities to Window PC

  • A utility like a disk defragmenter brings all the fragments at one location and increases the efficiency of working.
  • Disk cleaners detect unwanted files and delete them. Thus, creating a free users space. Disk cleaner also works against cookies and web history. 
  • Virus scanners also are known as anti-virus software works on antivirus utility and detects the viruses within the system.

Disadvantages of Utilities to Window PC

  • Too many utility programs within your system will access more memory subsequently RAM will slow down. Hence, it is better to use utilities as per need.
  • Utility computing systems are attractive targets for hackers. A hacker might access the services or snoop your QuickLook files.
  • Few software utilities are free and some are too costly.

Utility software or utility program is a widespread term in the world of computing and systems. Different utilities will perform various functions. Moreover, Utilities provide you some easy performance in your system. Consequently, the productivity of utility apps, the software will always depend upon these particular functioning utility programs.


  • How is Utility software used?

Utility Softwares are used for addressing a device like CD-ROM along with your processor, a particular type of file and system attributes also.


  • What is the difference between Utility software and Application software?

Application Softwares directly aims to perform tasks while utility software or utility programs optimize, configure and maintain a computer.


  • What are Associated Utilities?

Associated Utilities refers to Utility Software that adds more one-time working functionality to your computer.


  • Does Mac also have utility software?

Yes, Apple also has utility software on their Mac. Few examples of Mac Utility software are Parallel Access; VLC; F-Secure VPN Mode; iSTAT Menus etc. A user can download Mac utility software from Apple’s app store.


  • What is the impact of utility software on Windows 10?

The upgrades of Windows 10 will add new utility software in the last quarter of this year. Windows 10 offer control on a wide range of auto-sharing program to optimize Windows 10.


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